Thursday, May 20, 2010

rosie dimanno... enough said.

i feel that rosie dimanno has just gone way too far this time.

writing about the extension of the publication ban on the tori stafford trial and from the "black hole that is the woodstock courthouse", she discusses the publication ban as some kind of violence against the media.

she says that they were reporting on the trial "with both hands tied behind [their] backs and a gags stuffed into [their] mouth."

she goes on to say that the "silence commanded of journalists trying futively to report on crucial developments" is "as quiet as the slap grave in which the child's body was found last july."

equating a publication ban and its effects on journalists with a child's murder is just sick. no, rosie dimanno, you're not being violated. it's journalists like you that make publication bans happen, because you sensationalize violence to attract readers to your paltry and poorly executed articles.

her veiled attempts to circumvent the publication ban by describing the hands tied/gag in mouth thing just seems lurid and i think it's potentially a breach of the ban itself.

she needs to stop acting like the publication ban will somehow alter the decision in the case--is anyone actually worried that the two people responsible are going to get away with it? publishing the details of a child's death is not news and bottom feeders like rosie dimanno should not be allowed to capitalize on our society's sick need to know the minutiae of tori stafford's death.

every time i read something rosie dimanno has written i get that much closer to never reading the toronto star again.

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