Wednesday, May 12, 2010

immigration enforcement raids in toronto? you should probably read this.

from Noone is Illegal Toronto:


On May 7th, 2010 immigration enforcement raided Dufferin Grove Mall in Toronto’s west end in a first in a series of attacks. No One Is Illegal - Toronto has reasons to believe that these raids will continue and extend in to the St. Clair Area.

Over two dozen persons found to be without “adequate documentation” have been arrested. Currently, these people are being detained at the immigration detention holding centre without access to full legal support.

Immigration Enforcement is stopping people on the streets, at work, and while shopping based on their skin color and accent. This is systematic racial profiling that creates fear in our communities. It is part of the social-cleansing of Toronto in the lead up to the G20 Summits. It is the same racist policy that is being opposed vehemently in Arizona in the United States.

No One Is Illegal-Toronto has received confirmed reports that further raids are being planned specifically in the St. Clair Area THIS WEEK. Latin restaurants will be targeted, and ID checks based on racial profiling may take place. We believe that raids on Bloor West will also continue.

This fundamentally unjust harassment must be opposed.

No One Is Illegal-Toronto calls upon migrant communities and its allies to:

1) Contact No One Is Illegal immediately if you see Immigration Enforcement or Police asking for identification, or detaining people, or if you have information about the raids that took place on May 7.

We can be reached by email or by phone 416.833.6137. If you would like to stay informed, email

2) Please download attached copies of the “Know Your Rights” legal information (available in Spanish, Portuguese and English) and poster/flyer stores, individuals, neighborhoods to alert individuals to the ongoing immigration raids. You can also put up the attached image as your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

3) Standby for upcoming emergency actions to protest these immoral raids! Email Visit:

If you or someone you know is questioned or detained by an Immigration / CBSA Officer or Police Officer, call 416.833.6137


* Citizens cannot be arrested by immigration officers under any circumstances

* Protected Persons (People who have won their refugee hearings) and Permanent Residents (landed immigrants) can only be arrested by immigration officers if they have a warrant. Ask to see the warrant, make sure your name is on it and it is signed.

* People without status can only be arrested if the immigration officer knows your name, and has reason to believe you are inadmissible (i.e. are here without status)and they have reasons to believe you are either a danger to the public or unlikely to show up for hearings, appointments or removal.

* If you are stopped by immigration officers, ask why they are stopping you. If they do not have a reason to stop you as above, then tell them you want to leave.

* Be aware that asserting your rights will not necessarily stop officers from arresting you. As well, it is a good idea to be polite and calm since if you upset the officer, they may decide to arrest you.

* If you are arrested, ask them why. Tell them you want to speak to your lawyer, immigration consultant or a community member who can help you without charge (someone from your community group, mosque, church
etc.) before you answer any questions or sign anything. If you ask to talk to a lawyer, consultant or community member, they are supposed to stop asking you questions (though they can hold you in the meantime). 416.833.6137

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