Sunday, May 2, 2010

it's not a circus, it's a murder trial.

everyone is going nuts over this publication ban on the tori stafford trial.

apparently it's an affront to justice, to freedom of the press, etc etc etc.

here's what i think the media is actually pissed off about: a ban effectively denies them the ability to turn this trial into a payday.

let's face it, the sensational trial of a child murder victim(complete with theories about the seedy underworld of drugs in woodstock, ontario) is bound to up readership of the sub par newspapers in ontario and toronto.

the salacious details, the pasting of the young girl's photo on the front page, was she/wasn't she assaulted/abused/tortured?

the media loves this shit because it SELLS NEWSPAPERS, so let's not pretend for a second that their outrage has anything to do with justice.

i, for one, think that maybe a publication ban isn't the worst thing in the world. this is a little girl who was murdered. she isn't a story or a headline. so, rosie dimanno, we all know that you're the worst writer alive and can't function unless you have something sordid to write about (our emotions help us overlook your insipid and exploitative style) but let's just wait this one out knowing that justice will most likely be served and it's none of our business what happened to this little baby.

for real. everything i read that rosie dimanno writes makes me barf in my mouth a little, but this is beyond the pale. you are not a lawyer, dimanno. you aren't a judge. you have absolutely nothing to do with this trial except trading details for dollars.

so pack it up, you've already written enough garbage about this child to last us all a lifetime.

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