Monday, May 3, 2010

get ready toronto...

does anyone else think toronto is getting a little boring?? a little bit too smug? a little bit too uptight? a little too "say one thing, do another?" when you think of toronto politics do you think of badly fitting suits?

well, this pamphleteer is feeling all of the above.

for being canada's biggest city, toronto is really letting itself go. basically i had checked myself out of the mayoral election coming up after giambrone's big fizzle. i was all like 'the mayoral election is boring, and if jim pantalone sends me one more goddamned unauthorized email up date i'm going to lose it." like, how did that guy even GET my email address??

yes, toronto has pockets of awesome scattered through out it's leafy neighbour hoods but the fact is that a lot of us are just over toronto.

we don't have a comprehensive bike lane system, the green bin program turned out to be a big lie, rent is too expensive and apartments are too shitty, the ttc sucks and it costs three dollars.

well there was a little glimmer of hope the other day when i found o ut about a mayoral candidate that i hadn't known about(probably because i'v e been ignoring the mayoral election).

i read this:

"If you think we are going to get away with anything, you are wrong. The puritans are going to be taking over this city and this country very, very, very soon. We cannot have that, ladies and gentlemen. Think about what’s going on with Stephen Harper and the federal politics. This is what’s happening right now and if you don’t think it’s going to happen in the city of Toronto, it’s going to happen in the city of Toronto very, very, very soon."

that's right, a MAYORAL CANDIDATE spoke those words. a mayoral candidate for the city of toronto!!

meet keith cole, potential mayor.

this blog is endorsing keith cole for mayor, because i believe that he is exactly what this mayoral race(and this city) needs right now.

Announcing his intentions of running, keith emphasized the importance of civic engagement, of everyone getting involved in running the city. this is important.

also, he's putting the arts front and center. he's all like "hey toronto, what about the arts?" that's important too.

public health and bike lanes--these are things keith cole believes in and you should believe in them too.
"The city of Toronto used to have a little bit of strut, a little bit of style, a little bit of swagger. And now we have none of that. We have to bring all of that back. So it’s up to all of us to bring a little bit of style, a little bit of strut, a little bit of swagger back to the city of Toronto"

exactly. if we just let the pantalones and the smithermans run these races, our city will lose its cool indefinitely.
you know what else this city needs? it needs some gay, in office. for reals yo.

i want a mayor who isn't afraid to say "i know all about vicious fags, i am one too."

it doesn't matter at this point if he wins or loses. what matters is that he's gotten into the race at all. what matters is that we all take his cue and stop sitting back and just letting shit happen to our city.

so these pamphleteers is now, officially, a keith cole for mayor blog. i am going to VOTE in the election and i'm going to cast my vote for keith cole.

here are keith's nine campaign points:

1. We need civic engagement – big time

2. Toronto is becoming unsophisticated and boring

3. Toronto needs its strut, style and swagger back

4. Strengthen and keep arts and culture fostering and funding

5. Ensure that Toronto is 100% pedestrian and bike friendly

6. Toronto has room for everyone

7. Make Toronto a vibrant and livable city

8. A solid Public Health in all of its parts and pieces

9. I have nothing to hide – I have been already caught with my pants down.

join the facebook group: keith cole for mayor AND donate to keith's campaign here::

and read this excellent torontoist article about keith:


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