Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ah, having an opinion makes me uptight and a geek.. how original.

today on facebook someone said that my inception article made me a " geek with a major sci-fi hookup - and a stick stuck up their ass."

they also said that they agree with me about nolan's conception of the human mind being "far too rational/logical"

then they went on to say that i missed the fact that " Ellen Page noticed Di Caprio's emotional issues soon after meeting him, while all his long-time buddies seemed completely oblivious - that one struck me for sure."

actually, reader, i found if sexist that ellen page automatically noticed those issues, considering women are often thrown into taking care of men's (and everyone's) emotional needs.

i think it's sexist that ellen page was supposed to be this brilliant architect, but they made her a caretake of leonardo dicaprio above all.

i just didn't put it in the article because i thought i had griped enough.

said reader wrote: "I just think that it's incredibly easy for someone to critique a movie and make it sound terrible, because it wasn't what they wanted. There are a million different ways and focuses to choose in a movie, and you could conceivably critique every one ever made for some failing or another.

I don't think Inception was bad enough to make such a terrible hoopla over"

true. but then what's the point of even being alive or watching movies? so we can all just silently keep our opinions to ourselves?? what's the fun in that? why make a "hoopla" over anything then? was inception worth making a hoopla over in a hype way?? why not comment on that?

sorry i said i didn't like a movie that you didn't like, but you're entitled to your opinion and i'm entitled to mine. that's the whole point of the internets.

having an argument/debate with someone about something doesn't always have to be seen as insulting. it isn't always trying to cause something bigger. maybe if once in awhile we opened our minds to having more debates, we'd actually learn something?

let's not critique anything from now on.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the disgruntled reader. All movies are good. Not liking a movie is like not liking the weather. Would you rather there not be weather? If someone gave me 100 cameras, 1 000 actors, and 1 000 000 dollars, there is no way I could come close to making something as watchable as Inception. Was it really good? No. But was it bad? Impossible. The visuals were stunning.

Anonymous said...

Internet's are for big kids. Stay in the shallow end of the pool or you'll just drown.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping me anonymous. The name-calling was undoubtedly harsh.

I've heard countless people take some sort of a pseudo-rebellious position, and end up making weak arguments against Inception because they feel it's too mainstream to be enjoyed. I've grown sick of it.

I've obviously upset you, and I apologize for that.

Liam Kennedy-Slaney said...

Disliking a movie is nothing like disliking the weather. The weather is not a product of human imagination and sweat. The weather is not an elegant, complex vehicle for dialogue from one or many persons to one or many others. Cinema is an important part of understanding the depth of myself and the people around me. This has gone from a discussion about film, to the conclusion that all films are different so there is no reason to discuss the merits and pitfalls of Inception.

Although I agree the visuals were complex and presented in an appealing complimentary-tone high-definition picture, I thought that they were drawn out. The antigravity scene where the group is stacked and wrapped up in telephone wire by the guy from Third Rock from the Sun was an example were they were drawn out to ridiculousness. The folded city didn't leave me in awe of its massiveness as I had hoped. When they changed surface, the camera work made me feel like it was unremarkable. There is also a limit to the amount of time one can watch a bus fall in slow motion in to a river. They passed it for me.

Chuck said...

"I've heard countless people take some sort of a pseudo-rebellious position, and end up making weak arguments against Inception because they feel it's too mainstream to be enjoyed. I've grown sick of it."

You've heard countless people take this position because Inception was a dumb movie for dumb audiences. The trailer told you it was "Amazing" and "Astounding" and you believed it but countless people weren't so easily fooled.

Sadly, it could have been a good movie but it avoided everything intriguing about the concept of dreaming and made it about shooting and romance instead. It was a good concept, terribly executed.

It wasn't visually stunning either. Avatar was visually stunning and The Lord of the Rings trilogy was visually stunning. Inception had more visual effects then it needed and they were cumbersome. Special effects can't make up for the lack of a compelling storyline.

I for one would like my $16 back.

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