Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the 7 year grant

aw come on.... i had to come back to canada, to this?!

Feds Grant Big Dollars to All Male Research Group

susan delacourt wrote in the toronto star today that the canada excellence research chairs were awarded this week by stephen harper's government--19 'excellent' scholars are going to receive 10 million in federal money over the next seven years.

each lucky recipient of this prestigious award was a man.

according to the star "some women scholars are outraged." um, yeah they are.

these research chairs are a pretty big deal, and nineteen is a lot of people. somewhere in this huge goddamned country there was probably a woman who would have been eligible.

the head of NSERC, suzanne fortier, says that one of the problems is that there are "too few women in the pool of applicants" because "women aren't heavily represented at senior levels in the fields of research where the federal government was looking for research chairs."
fortier says there ARE women out there in these fields, but it just ain't there time to shine.

she says: " i know they're out there, they are coming, and in 10 years, watch out."

if that isn't the most fucked up thing i've ever heard, i don't know what is. for real. they're coming? in ten years?? i'd like to know how many women in the research chair fields are a tad pissed off about that comment? like there are no eligible women in the sciences who should have these positions??
oh it gets even MORE fucked up? yes, yes it does.

fortier went on to say that another problem was that women candidates aren't flexible enough to make the career and family moves required to fill the research chair positions.

so does that mean all of these men are single and have no families?? because if they aren't, that means that only men with families can be flexible and women with families aren't which would be an incredibly foolish and sexist thing to say.

fortier was asked to investigate the all man debacle by my favorite conservative, tony clement.

clement stepped in after he saw the list, saying "it really stands out, and I said: 'where are the women'?"

yeah, even tony clement was surprised by the list. his eyes bulging even further out of his tiny head. so he launched an investigation into the "conspicuous lack of women."

that is why tony clement is my favorite conservative. also, he has my favorite googly eyes in politics.

also, i think it's important to point out that white dudes are highly overrepresented in this pool of nineteen scholars. shouldn't someone be looking into that as well?

canada is becoming the worst!!!

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