Saturday, May 1, 2010

2000 members later..

i wonder if stephen harper has figured out that he made a statement that is completely untrue, embarrassing, and stupid?

probably not since everything he does is untrue, embarrassing, and stupid but hey, we can always hope right?

the facebook group "canadians who want foreign aid spent on women's reproductive health" now has 2000 members, all of whom are opposed to harper's policy on not funding abortion with foreign aid(and they're not very happy about him speaking in their name, either).

2000 people in only a few days is pretty good... now each one of them needs to send harper a message. one commenter noted that you don't need postage to send stephen harper mail!!

a sampling of some of the comments so far:

"See Stephen Harper for who he really is ! Come on ladies read about this man ! Not only will he destroy your rights but those of you children and those to follow !"

"Mr Harper- you do not speak for me. You shame me with your lack of compassion!"

"Slippery slope-very very slippery-time to vote Harper out."

"I remember when Bush took this stance and feeling proud that my country didn't put that kind of ban on foreign aid. Well I'm not proud now."

like it or not, canada is a strongly pro-choice country. this doesn't mean that there isn't room for dissent--because there certainly is dissent-- but it means that ideologically the majority of canadians at least believe women should have a choice.
i mean, we don't run around screaming about how we love abortion so much(well, some people do.. maybe me) BUT most people do understand that while the issue isn't black and white
and that it has a very strong impact on people, it's important that it be available to women.

i feel like this is probably one of the most serious attacks that stephen harper has launched against canadians, our policies abroad say a lot about who we are and they're testing grounds for policy at home. if stephen harper can say "canadians don't want foreign abortions!" it means he's that
much closer to saying "canadians don't want abortions in canada" and that just ain't right.

this one really needs to be stopped in its tracks, because its stupid and dangerous(just like harper).

you can join the group here:

and you can send harper a message, these ways:

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
K1A 0A2
Fax: 613-941-6900

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