Wednesday, May 5, 2010

because we have to throw the dirty diapers somewhere

keith cole, our favorite mayoral candidate, is taking aim at one of toronto's biggest eye sores: dundas square.

like many torontonians, he wants to know why the hell there isn't green space at dundas and yonge.

according to cole (who was once a part time contract employee of yonge/dundas square), the reason there isn't any greenery is because the city doesn't want "mothers coming to the square and changing their baby's diapers and then tossing these dirty diapers into the greenery."

i have to echo cole's sentiment when he asks " mothers? babies? dirty diapers? tossed into trees? really?"

that doesn't make ANY sense at all. i mean, do they refuse to put trees on bay street because the business men will toss used condoms in them out of the limo window??

and don't mothers change diapers all over the city?? i've never seen a dirty diaper anywhere in the city, let alone hanging from a tree..

it just doesn't make sense.

if it doesn't make sense to you either, maybe you should attend this keith cole for mayor event and protest the lack of green space at dundas square(and also protest the logic behind the lack of greenery):

First Annual MILF Diaper Toss!
Mother’s Day 2010 – Sunday May 9th at 11am.
All MILF’s and MILF supporters are welcome to join us as we take back the square and demand greenery in that concrete bowl of advertising and ugliness! A child & family friendly FREE event.

*arrive at 10:30am at the T.O. Tix Booth inside the barren Square
*meet and greet with a few words by Mayoral front-runner Keith Cole
*BYOD (Bring Your Own Diaper) – some will be available at the event free of charge
*1st Annual Diaper Toss happens at 11am sharp!

MILF’s, MILF supporters and everyone else welcome.
No Haters. No Gang Colours.

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