Sunday, May 2, 2010

hold on a motherfucking second

stephen harper is busy taking away women's rights around the globe and he has the audacity to post THIS picture on his twitter?!!?!
under " played 'run to you' with bryan adams' stephen harper linked this twitpic:

do you know who LOVES bryan adams?? WOMEN.
my MOM loves bryan adams.

you know what else a lot of women like?? having the right to choose what they do and do not do with their own bodies.

now, along with the infamous incident in which he forgot the lyrics to his own national anthem,
bryan adams can add another shameful and embarrassing event to his timeline of un-canadianness: betraying the population who made him famous.

bryan adams, i am going to call my mother and tell her about this. i'm very certain she'll burn all of your tapes on a big bonfire in the yard.

women everywhere demand an apology, bryan adams!!! you're a monster!!

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