Friday, May 28, 2010

"only because Bryant was rich, powerful and influential was he able to avoid a trial"

props to bill chidley for writing one of the best pieces out there right now about the horrendous miscarriage of justice in the darcy sheppard case. ( warning, that web page has a graphic video of the accident).

he writes:

"After the announcement that the charges were being dropped, Bryant said that the case was "not a morality play about bikes versus cars, couriers versus drivers, or about class, privilege and politics. It's just about how, in 28 seconds, everything can change."

Change for whom? Bryant went back to his job at a law firm, and Toronto cyclists now feel even less protected."

precisely. nothing has changed for michael bryant.

not only did darcy sheppard pay for michael bryant's crime with his own life, but now his name and michael bryant's will be inextricably linked forever. it's a sad end to a life that probably meant a lot more to a lot of people than just some douche bag politician and the shocking lack of justice served in canada when elites can evade the law like they evade their taxes.

read the whole article here.


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