Thursday, November 12, 2009

also, why does it cost 1.5 million dollars to run for mayor?

in the toronto star today there was a headline that read : "best man for mayor could be a woman"

i'm not even going to read the article. but let me tell you why people actually say that a woman would be best for a job.

this upcoming few years in toronto are going to be shitty. there's the TTC problem, the murder, the pollution, the economy. you know, all of those things that somebody's going to get the blame for.

so, it might as well be a woman!

because we all know that besides the vagina, female politicians are generally no different from male politicians.

and, i actually did just read the article and it's a piece of shit. sexist, disgusting, as usual.

it says "Boys are groomed for this. The blood, the gore, the victory. They are coached to grow thick skin. Get up, get back out there, pummel him."

women, on the other hand, don't know anything about blood, gore, or victory. because it's not like women experience "giving birth" or anything like that.

the city could use a "woman's touch". WHAT?! what the fuck?! who wrote this garbage?!

it's a joke to think that because a woman is in charge that everything will be magically changed. suddenly the city will be awesome, there will be no more discrimination, and everyone will have health care.

i hate the toronto star.

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