Tuesday, May 11, 2010

pride, not "Pride", will prevail.

so there's some crazy and bizarre shit going on in ottawa(as per usual). apparently the harper government is defunding pride? we all saw this coming when they found out how much money they had given to pride and then freaked the fuck out(and you can read about that HERE).

it's really too bad they're so stupid. pride toronto is a huge tourist magnet, and we all know that toronto(and the country) need a lot of money to run.

also, there's apparently some motion to do the same thing in toronto, from a toronto level (HERE).

this is just silly. these morons are going to waste their time trying to defund a lucrative event? that brings in probably millions of dollars to our piddly little city, a city that can barely afford to run its own public transportation? really? pride ups the toronto reputation all over the world, it makes us look not incredibly backwards, and it's fun for a lot of people.

here's what i think: i think that if something this ridiculous actually goes through it's practically a blessing. it means that the right wing has revealed it's ugly face in our fair city once and for all and we can actually do something about it instead of always pointing fingers and then being called liars.

it means that we'll take to the streets and demonstrate our pride like we once did when there was no city/state funding for pride parades and there were laws against even BEING gay/queer/anything other than normative.

it means that we need to get creative about how to celebrate, how to organize and come together.

it means we need to get off our lazy goddamned asses, stop letting corporations run our pride, and do our own thing.

it means we need to acknowledge the right wing backlash in our country and stop pretending it isn't happening.

so yes, call your city councillor, your MPs, every representative you have. it's important that these events are funded.

but let's stop fooling our selves into thinking that this will stop us, because really it won't.

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