Tuesday, May 25, 2010

um, yeah it does.

on cbcnews today "some doctors" said that canada should change its policy on gay men donating blood.

oh, didn't you know that gay men aren't allowed to donate blood in canada?

yeah, because they might have HIV/AIDS.

yeahh... in a country with a blood shortage(and organ shortage--gay men aren't allowed to donate organs either) we have a policy banning a huge chunk of the population from donating because of really bad and discriminatory science from a million years ago.

the authors of the report on blood donate conclude that "current policy is counterproductive in regard to loss of donors, good will, student protests, potential boycotts and lawsuits, among other negative effects...notably, blood donation policy has already been changed to permit, as an example, donations from persons of Haitian origin, who were previously also subject to indefinite deferral. It's time for another change in policy."

unfortunately, the biased and homophobic reasoning behind the blood ban is still alive and well in canada as demonstrated by this comment on the cbc:

"This is the sort of political correctness that will kill us all. Even those who propose such a thing wouldn't use that blood, but that doesn't stop them from wanting to appear tolerant and understanding and, yes, politically correct. If they said what they were really thinking, things would be a whole lot different. You can no longer listen to what people say because they are likely to say whatever they think people want them to say."

i think that, actually, someone who needs a blood transfusion desperately doesn't really care whose body it comes from.

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