Friday, February 26, 2010

what is a justin bieber?!

i used to watch what the buck pretty much every day, but then celebrity gossip stopped being funny.

apparently it's funny again! i stumbled on a new episode today and what the buck is making fun of "justin bieber" and his new video.

so, i watched this justin bieber's new video and i'm kind of in shock.

first of all, justin bieber is like 12. that's weird enough, but 12 year old pop stars isn't unheard of. bieber is kind of like the aaron carter of 2010.

what's weird is this video, for his song "baby" featuring LUDACRIS. ludacris!! ludacris is waaaaaaaaay to dirty to feature on a 12 year old's video. next thing you know kids listening to this junk will youtube ludacris and come up with 'what's your fantasy'.

anyways, here is the video:

so now that you've seen it, are you kind of like WTF?! why is that justin bieber so aggressive?!

that girl keeps pushing him away and he keeps grabbing at her. she's actually running away from him and he chases her while his friends are like "yeeaaaah beiber, get her!" he won't take no for an answer and then he offers her this:

I'll buy you anything
I'll buy you any ring
Cause I'm in pieces
so come fix me

dude is 12!! "i'll buy you anything"?! what are you going to buy her? 5 cent candies?

i'm pretty sure this kid is setting a reeeaaaaaallly bad example: boys should chase girls even when they physically push them away, because girls really mean yes when they push you away from them and run away from you.

what is this world coming to!? thank jesus it's friday.

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