Friday, February 19, 2010

people are so weird.

apparently it's discrimination if you can't get what you want everywhere, all of the time.

apparently the mayor of a town in france is claiming discrimination after the fast food chain 'quick' decided to sell halal hamburgers exclusively in eight of its restaurants so instead of pork the restaurants are offering turkey or beef.

the mayor of roubaix says that quick's decision "discriminates against non-muslim citizens" and so the town council has filed a complaint against the restaurant.

in additio to filing his complain, the mayor is also planning on addressing the high authority for the struggle against discrimination and for equality in frances.

'i say no to the halal exclusivity,'' he states ''a halal product responds to the needs of a part of the population, to propose only halal products is discriminatory towards the citizens of roubaix.''

correct me if i'm wrong, but there is no restriction against non muslim peoples eating halal meat. so.. it is discrimination to decide against selling pork? because some people want that pork? what?

so if i own a restaurant, and i stop serving your favorite thing on the menu, that is discrimination now?

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