Tuesday, October 27, 2009

two year olds love to watch tv!

in the new york times today there was an article about a new study on how many hours kids watch tv.

it's not surprising that kids watch a lot of tv, but it was surprising that the kids who watched the most tv were only ages 2 to 5.

kids aged 2 to 5 watched more than 32 hours of television each week. that's like sitting in front of the tv and watching for a day and a half without stopping.

i get it, plop your kid in front of the tv for a few hours a week and it adds up, but 32 hours? that's insane. that's too much tv for a 2 year old. and what are they even watching?

when i was little i watched strawberry shortcake. i fucking LOVED that show. it was slow paced, but pretty, and the berry patch kids seemed like real kids.

it was cute. the theme song was about having a nice day with your nice friends, and you learned lessons.

strawberry shortcake, old school, was a farmer yo. she had to take care of those berry patches, because the best berries in the world don't just appear for nothing.

they also had to be careful, because the purple pie man always wanted to steal the berries for his pies. this taught kids about scary men who want something for nothing. in the wonderful world of strawberry short cake if you wanted to play hard, you had to work hard. it wasn't a perfect show, by any means, and there were definitely some questionable gender role lessons, but overall it was pretty good.

now there's a "new" strawberry shortcake who is "cool." she's tall and kind of skinny and she wears normal clothes. it's just not right. the theme song isn't very good and its just overall a stupid show.

i also used to love rainbow brite, which apparently is also getting a "makeover." there is no need to make her over! she single handedly defended the kingdom against murky and lurky and wore a sneaker/leg warmer combo. leave her alone!

so kids are watching more tv, and more crappier tv?

no wonder the world is fuct.


Hans said...

New Strawberry Shortcake?! That’s [sad] news to me. I loved Strawberry Shortcake too. There was something about the colours and the hats that made me so happy. Blueberry Muffin was my favourite. One of the high points of Grade 3 was when I convinced the classmates who sat across from me to allow Obi-Wan Kenobi (interim leader of my Jedi People’s Republic United Front movement, which was narrowly winning the advantage over Darth Vader’s imperial stormtroopers thanks to a renegade GI Joe double-agent and a weird Insectoid doll that I think deep down was an anarchist but had a great moustache and a cool boomerang so I left him join the JPRUF) to negotiate an alliance with Plum Puddin’ (this was after her sex change) in order to stave off Marshall Bravestarr and his minions. (the rest of the class was obsessed with Marshall Bravestarr that year, who I thought was an imperialist pig) I think we had some Smurfs as allies too. The funnest part of this was that I obtained access to the Strawberry Shortcake playset they had which was this giant berry thing that opened up. It also meant I got to use their Strawberry Shortcake playdough set to make profoundly non-functional yet aesthetically delightful pies and the like.

tee said...

the hats were a really important factor, and i feel like i had that playset!
remember how part of the playset was a fake tin of muffins? and they smelled like vanilla?

they can't just recreate these kinds of things!!

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