Saturday, February 20, 2010

come on conservatives, reign them in already.

edmonton mp peter goldring is in deep shit today for being a complete idiot of epic proportion.

he sent out a pamphlet in december in which he stated he would "set the record straight" on metis leader louis riel.

goldring calls riel, the founder of manitoba and defender of metis culture and rights, a "villain" with blood on his hands. apparently finding out the there was a proposal to build a statue of riel on parliament hill drove goldring off the deep edge because he feels like that would condone "civil disobedience."

well.. yeah. it might. the red river rebellion and the north-west rebellion are legendary and louis riel paid for both with his life. being one of the only sanctioned resistance figures taught in canadian history, louis riel probably sparks a lot of politics in a lot of people and so it follows that his statue could represent some of that. riel also shaped canada's geographical boundaries and helped to protect cultural traditions and histories that makes the prairie regions so unique.

unfortunately for goldring noone is interested in taking his side on this one--especially his own party, the conservatives. the prime minister's office and several colleagues have denounced his stance, which makes him look even more bat shit crazy.

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