Tuesday, February 23, 2010

subway pigeon for mayor!

a little while ago we posted a video, a snapshot in the day of the life of a pigeon.

now that we've seen the video in a few other places we realize that subway pigeon is not just any ordinary subway pigeon. subway pigeon has captured the hearts and minds of the people!

people respond to subway pigeon. subway pigeon knows that three dollar fare is an outrage. subway pigeon knows that while some ttc workers might be jerks, the majority of them are just trying to do their jobs. subway pigeon also knows that while the garbage strike was kind of a bummer, it was necessary. subway pigeons knows that toronto needs to do a better job with green bins, because noone wants to sort their garbage for nothing. subway pigeon knows what toronto needs.

it is for all these reasons that we've decided that subway pigeon should replace the downtrodden adam giambrone in the running for mayor of toronto.

toronto is going down the tubes, fast. we need a mayor who understands what this city needs at a grassroots level. who better for the job than a pigeon?

it's time to demand the mayor that toronto deserves! subway pigeon for mayor!

1 comment:

Melanie said...

Sorry, I'm voting for the panhandler on College St. who said to me, "Give me a dollar for coffee! I'm running for mayor of Toronto!"

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