Monday, February 8, 2010

don't buy girls anything that relates to their specific interests

ugh... huffington post, why are you so stupid and annoying most of the time?!

valentine's day is coming up so every website has a "what to/what not to get" list highlighting the best and worst gifts one could buy or receive on the day.

i think valentine's day is really, really pointless and i don't "celebrate". lots of people, however, do enjoy a good valentine. to point out that valentine's day is kind of sexist, focuses too much on money spent, and is a waste of a holiday wouldn't change these people's minds. they like it and they'll continue to like it.

so, it's annoying when the huffington post runs a "13 things NOT to get your valentine" and it's basically the most sexist and offensive shit ever. here are four of the thirteen:

  • do not get your valentine a heart shaped pizza because it says: "we have noone left to impress anymore. let's eat our feelings together."
but.. what if you like pizza a lot? what if you LOVE pizza!? a heart shaped pizza is just a pizza, and pizza is the best gift ever.
  • do not buy her a pink video game console because it will say: "i want you to think i bought this for you, but i bought it for me"
this one is the one that made me most angry, mainly because i know a lot of girls who love to play video games. don't buy a pink console, because that's kind of infantilizing, but it's ridiculous to insinuate that girls wouldn't like this gift.
  • generic drugstore gift says: "i love you so much i thought of you while picking up my prescriptions"
somebody thinking about you and picking you up a gift on any day is thoughtful. but, if you don't go all out on this particular day you are selfish and thoughtless? that makes no sense. also, have you ever been to a drug store around valentine's day? that shit is not cheap and it's not even that ugly looking!
  • a homemade coupon for something nice, like hugs or backrubs, because that says: "i was going to get you a gift certificate for a massage, but it was a lot cheaper and easily printed from the internet"
really?? after this year's recession?? you're going to come down on people giving d.i.y gifts?

i honestly don't know what people are expecting on valentine's day if they're not going to eat pizza and play video games together. if pizza/video games aren't what you're into, fair ball, but if that is what you like to do then is it really the huffington post's place to put that down?
i think not.

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elle said...

hmm I wasn't going to "celebrate" valentines day this year but now that you have me thinking about pizza and video games...that sounds like the perfect date to me!

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