Thursday, February 18, 2010

google buzz? what the hell is google buzz?

so a little while ago i logged into my gmail account and a page popped up telling me about google's newest fun thing: buzz, the google buzz.

i skipped over the page because i don't care about google buzz. i assumed that i would have to actually start it up for it to do anything weird--like show personal contacts on a public profile page.

but if you have a google profile, or have used the buzz once, your personal information might be public by now.

you have to actually disable the thing to avoid this happening.

"To turn this off, sign into your Google account (via Gmail or elsewhere) and head to your Google profile—that link should work if you're signed in. Look for the two links showing "Following X people" and "X people following me." There's a gray note underneath those numbers, indicating whether they're visible to just you or to everyone. If they're visible to everyone, hit the "Edit Profile" link on the right-hand edge of the blue bar in the middle of the page, to the right of "About me," "Buzz," and "Contact info." In the third column of options there, there are checkboxes that control privacy features, and one of them is labeled "Display the list of people I'm following and people following me." Un-check that box, and now your list of followers and followees is private—or at least seen only by those you're following, perhaps.

Want Google Buzz gone entirely? Log into Gmail, then look at the bottom of your inbox page for a "Turn off Buzz" link.

you can read more about it here:

i feel like it doesn't take a genius to understand that most people don't want their contacts, who they contact most, etc to be on a public profile on the internet for anyone to see.

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