Monday, February 1, 2010

what the world needs now, is underwater planes, sweet underwater planes

richard branson is at it again. that crazy fucker is unveiling a submarine created with "fighter jet technology" which allows underwater flying.

underwater flying? you mean swimming?

the first prototype cost $664,000 and can go 130 feet under and now they're building a new one which will be able to travel 35,000 ft below the surface.

i'd just like to point out here that the deepest known part of the ocean is 36,200 i don't know, 35,000 seems like a pretty lofty goal.

so will your submarine plane only take its "flights" in the mariana trench?

branson plans to base the "plane" on his private island and commission it for private tours. because what the world also needs right now is more privatised leisure for the wealthy.

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