Saturday, November 7, 2009

this guy is an idiot.

today i read an article about how chris brown doesn't think rihanna should have talked about him beating her ass on abc.

chris brown think its a "private matter" between he and rihanna.

in fact, he released a statement about her interview: "while i respect rihanna's right to discuss the specific events of february 8, i maintain my position that all of the details should remain a private matter between us."

um, if you "respected" her right to talk about what happened to her, then you wouldn't release a statement saying that she shouldn't have done it.

sorry, but when you beat the shit out of your girlfriend you don't get to decide if she talks about it and you certainly don't have the right to comment at all if she does.

and when you beat the shit out of your famous girlfriend and the whole world sees it, you definitely don't get to say anything about her decision.

when you release a statement saying that abuse is a "private matter", you're sending a bad message out to the kids that listen to your music and love you and you're also proving that you've probably learned nothing from this situation.

abuse is not a private matter. in fact, one of the biggest obstacles in overcoming and addressing domestic violence is that people keep it private for a lot of reasons.

in fact, chris brown should know that silencing women is another form of abuse.

chris brown also said in his statement that he is "extremely sorry" for what he did and has accepted "accountability" for his actions. he is "taking the proper steps to learn" about himself and "grow from [his] mistakes."

do the proper steps in clude shutting the fuck up for once and letting the woman you abused do whatever she wants without you shadowing her?

chris brown says : "abuse of any kind is always wrong.. the rest i leave it to god."

really? you're going to leave it to god? are you stupid? leave what to god? god obviously didn't do anything when you decided to practically kill your girlfriend, and god doesn't do much globally when millions of other men do the same.

so maybe don't leave it to god. maybe actually take responsibility for your actions and don't try to brush this off as just a "private matter" between you, the women you abuse, and god.

chris brown is such a douche bag.

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