Tuesday, November 10, 2009

...and he never went hunting again.

a 17 year old boy was hunting with his uncle, when the ice they were on broke apart leaving him on one side and his uncle on the other.

this is obviously the beginning of a disney movie, possibly even a cartoon.

but it isn't! it actually happened! the boy was out on the ice, floating in the ocean, for more than a day. not only was he probably scared of drowning and freezing, but a polar bear and her two cubs were trying to get on the ice with him...

so he shot the adult bear. it sounds mean, but anyone who knows anything about bears knows that mother bears will kill you in a second, even if you're not threatening her cubs. you're there, and thats threat enough, so you're dead.

to make things worse, he was spotted by two different crews, neither of which was able to rescue him before nightfall--so they lost track of him, and he was left out for the night. one of the flight crews dropped him a container of candy and chocolate though.

if that was me i'd be like "don't give me chocolate! rescue me!!!"

they were finally able to rescue the boy after two search and rescue people parachuted to a nearby ice pan. parachuted.

most dramatic story ever.

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