Saturday, November 21, 2009

another awesome reason to hate the olympics

we got a really good comment about the olympics on our blog about the 14 female athletes who don't get to compete this year, so i'm going to post it so everyone reads it.

it's true, not only is the olympics a sham because female athletes get the shaft every year and because it destroys cities and pushes aside local/national politics, but it's completely bogus from the "canadian" economic standpoint too.

from michelle:

"Here's my question why hasn't anyone commented on the idiocy of having the Hudson Bay Compay and Zeller's exclusively selling Cdn Winter Olympics gear - the stores are not even Canadian!!! I'm so sick of endless commercials demonstrating our Canadian heritage which is inspired in our winter clothing (hello we have 3 other season too?!?!) sold by Americans to Canadians. So how does Olympic gear support Canadian athletes - is it when I purchase a $50 t-shirt that gets paid to the NRDC Equity Partners of New York or when I wear the sweater to watch the olympics on t.v. because all the politicians have bought the seats?"

thanks michelle!

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