Wednesday, November 25, 2009

oh mariah carey, only you would wear those boots on the pitcher's mound

so, the new mariah carey video is really fucking weird. it's a cover of foreigner's "i wanna know what love is" and whatever, it's a cover of a classic song, so it's not that bad.

but the video is bizarre. it's in a huge stadium, on a baseball diamond, with people just staring at her and smiling.

i don't know, i feel like it could have been a little more... lucid?

anyways, besides the weirdness of the video, there IS a gay couple in it. i kind of perused the comments under the video(which i normally don't do because they are usually scary and violent) but i found this little exchange, which i liked:

RobLives4Love (1 week ago)
There IS no sanctity. We live in a world where two men/women falling in love is looked down upon versus a man and woman getting married for money.

did she included a gay couple in the video? makes it so much better!

mburmy (1 week ago)
Makes it so much WORSE! I thought she and Nick were both good Christians!

delahorga (1 week ago)
They are, they're just not the type of Chistian Hitler was ;)

mburmy (1 week ago)
So you're comparing true Christians to Hitler just because we believe in the sanctity of marriage between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN?

delahorga (1 week ago)
I'm comparing your extremist obsession with the bible; come on, in these days it's just irresponsible, you'd might as well justify slavery or fly planes into buildings: USE YOUR HEAD!

take THAT "mburmy!!" bigot!!

anyways, here's the video, revel in the weirdness that is mariah carey:

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