Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"but i don't want to sell swingsets to people who can't afford them!"

is this for real?

apparently the "best selling author" katharine debrecht has written a new book called "help! mom! radicals are ruining my country!"

the book is a "hilarious and entertaining way for parents to sit down with their children and teach them the origins of the new tea party movement and the importance of standing up for liberty and the american dream."

the plot of the story: tommy and lou(children) have a swing set business. they're trying to keep their business 'afloat' despite "246 czars, onerous regulations and sky high taxes." they media targets them and "marxus obundus(the one)" makes fun of them.

here's a little sample from the book

“But we can’t just give these away,” Lou told the radicals. “We have to sell them so we can pay the people who work for us.”
“Watercress sandwiches!” Senator Dudd thumbed through his thick address book.

“I know some very nice loan companies that will loan money to commoners to buy swingsets. They make some sweetheart deals, let me tell you,” he stroked the lapel of his expensive suit.

Tommy and Lou knew how long they saved and hard they worked for their swingset and did not feel right about selling swingsets to people who could not afford them. But, under the radicals’ new law, they were forced to do so anyway."


just, wow. i'm sorry, but anyone who reads this garbage to their children should probably be arrested for some form of child abuse.

not only is it bizarre propaganda based on lies, but it's not even suitable for children. "marxus obundus"? like karl marx? equating obama with communism?

kids don't get that!

and the tea party movement is CRAZY. it's a tiny fringe movement and the media has been caught like a billion times manipulating footage to make their wacko protests look huge.

some people have actually reviewed this book:

“The J.K. Rowling of the Ronald Reagan set” - Tiradad Derakhshani from The Philadelphia Inquirer (note: the reviewer's name is actually tirdad, not tiradad which is how it is spelled on debrecht's website...)

so she's the j.k rowling of the idiot set? awesome.

debrecht's website says that she has three children... i cringe imagining the kinds of crazy right-wing weirdo shit she tells her kids.

i don't know, maybe people should read this to their kids so that they know early in life what kind of nutbags are out there!

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