Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"this conservative party has a deep vein of meanness to's a party that kicks people when they are down"

yeah, kicks them in the uterus!!!

anyone who really pays attention to national politics will not be surprised by this madness, but some people might not know the glory that is saskatchewan MP maurice vellacot and so it's my duty to post this.

the conservative party line got a bit more creepy today as two MPs pull back their creepy white man face masks and reveal... well, more creepy old white men masks.

no scotia MP gerald keddy called out of work nova scotians "those no-good bastards sitting on the sidewalk in halifax that can't get work." he eventually apologized, although why he would say something so idiotic and horrible in a newspaper interview is beyond anyone.

maurice vellacot, on the other hand, refuses to apologize for his nut bag opinion which he publicly expressed in a press release from his office.

in the press release he states that it's a good and positive thing that abortions are becoming harder to get in saskatoon, sk.

he cites non-existent "medical research" and says that abortion causes "significant health problems...including a greater risk of breast cancer, cervical lacerations and injury, uterine perforations, hemorrhage, and serious infection."

his make believe research also shows that there are "long-term physical consequences of abortion" which include sterility, ectopic pregnancy, [and] premature births."

anyone who knows anything about abortions know that it is a practice that has an extremely long history of being safely practiced by women. wherever and whenever women have gotten pregnant, they've also found ways to abort that child. women used to do it with herbs that they received from knowledgeable midwives, until most countries accused midwives of being witches and burnt them all.

vellacott says that "pro-life feminists have also come to see abortion as part of a male agenda to have women more sexually available."

(and some of us pro-choice feminists see restricted access to abortion as part of the male agenda to ensure that women are sexually available to men, pop out babies non stop, and can never progress in any way beyond being wives and mothers.)

finally, he says that “the intelligent women of today are owed a full and complete disclosure of information on the life changing abortion effects and long-term harms... women are done a great disservice and are not treated with equality when there is not a fully informed consent.”

right, making abortion inaccessible is the direct route to gender equality. obviously. and also it is obvious that telling lies about abortion and its complications to scare women out of accessing abortion is a good strategy to realize "fully informed consent."

as an intelligent women of today, i feel annoyed that maurice vellacott is speaking for me. and as intelligent women of today, i think people should email/call this freak and tell him that an insane conservative deciding for us isn't exactly equality.

when i lived in saskatoon and went to the u of s i volunteered at the women's centre. i can say without a doubt that it is already difficult enough for women to find good information about services related to their sexual health, and conservatives like vellacott only make it worse. if you've ever done any volunteer work/school/been employed/whatever in a field related to women, women's bodies, sexual health, abortion, feminism, whatever then you should email vellacott and let him know how much harder he makes your work and how dangerous his message is.

also, please let's never let the conservatives get a majority....

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