Wednesday, November 18, 2009

oh good, now we all get to be poorer.

the ttc fare has officially been increased, starting on january 3rd. now, we'll have to pony up $3.00 per ride, cash fare.

metro passes are going up to $121.00, and tokens will now be $2.50.

awesome. so now all of us suckers who actually need to use the ttc will be punished montarily on top of the normal torture one suffers: late trains and buses, long line ups, no more metropasses available, over capacity trains, dirty trains, dirty stations.

the list goes on.

long story short: the ttc sucks. it's a shitty, shitty service and it's only going to get shittier from now on the only difference will be that it'll be more expensive.

apparently such a big increase means the ttc risks losing "at least 11 million riders."

wait.. what??

if the ttc loses 11 million riders, won't that make the fare hike irrelevant? won't the ttc LOSE money??

i'm so confused, and annoyed--i'm sure a lot of people are right now.

so, without further ado, sidney the baby otter:

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