Tuesday, November 24, 2009

this woman is really stupid.

a couple of days ago michelle malkin, crazy fox contributor, posted on her blog about the new barbie which she entitled "barbie meets sharia."

apparently sotheby's will auction off barbie dolls wearing traditional islamic dress for a children's charity. i think the barbie dolls are actually quite interesting and, in my opinion, no worse than blonde haired/blue eyed barbie doll. women wear veils, head scarfs, hijabs, purdah, facial covering, etc. if there are barbies in the world, then barbie should reflect this.

malkin disagrees:

"no word yet on whether the dolls will be subjected to female genital mutilation or come with stoning pits in order to accurately represent their “diversity.”"

riiiiight.... because "accurate" portrayals of islam include female genital mutilation and stoning pits always and because burqa's are an unquestionable part of sharia law...

from now on barbie should be exclusively non offensive, like these ones:

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