Tuesday, November 17, 2009

oh i see, this is what it's for...

i seriously have no idea what twitter is. basically, it's facebook statuses? and you subscribe to people and you read their statuses on your cell phone all day? is that correct?

who knows. it sounds silly to me.

but my friend sent me this link and it seems to me that this is the proper usage of twitter:


for those of you who don't know (and let's be honest here, how could you not), stephen harper has a penchant for kittens. he loves being photographed with them--kitten photographs say to the world "i am not a cold monster, i just have a taste for kitten flesh, be kind."

but what about the kitten? where did it come from? why does it have kangaroo feet? what is that little kittie thinking?

well now you can follow that kitten on twitter. or you can just go to the link and read without following it-- that would be my choice.

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