Wednesday, December 30, 2009

it's a post-christmas miracle!

so my bike got stole a little while ago. stole right from under my nose, while i watched from my kitchen window.

no amount of running after the thief, swearing, crying, and wandering could get that bike back--the policeman who i filed my theft report with said as much too. in his exact words: "you will never see your bike again."

he said it was probably sitting in a garage somewhere and in the summer the thief would post it on craigslist, and the police didn't have time to search garages for bikes, and so it was gone forever.

this is true. bikes that are stolen in this city are almost never recovered, so imagine my surprise when i walked into the grocery store for a late night snack and my bike was sitting by the check-out lane.

for real!! it was just leaning there, my bike lock and lights still attached. i've been carrying around the key for that lock in the hopes that maybe i'd see my bike somewhere and able to liberate it and ride away.

but the bike wasn't locked, it was just there. one of the employees told me that a notorious grocery thief had the bike--they saw him with groceries spilling out of his coat and when they tried to pursue him he tossed my bike at them. so they brought the bike in and decided not to throw it away for a few days.

and that is the story of how i got my bike back.

the bike is a little worse for wear--the seat came off in my hand, the handlebars are misaligned, the back tire is flat, and the fucker ripped the top off of my bell. all that matters, though, is that the bike is back at home--safe and sound.

so if you live on dupont/around dupont/in the vicinity of the loblaws and or sobeys then you might want to watch your bikes AND groceries.

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Denis Rancourt said...

wow. that is a bike story!

I lived at 168 Spadina Ave near Dupont and that Loblaws from 1979 to 1983.

Once as I waited in line at the Loblaws I witnessed the manager talking to a failed bomb-threat cash register burglar in that little raised open admin booth. The manager and two assistants were holding the guy down until police arrived. They were having a hard time so they called the butcher from the basement (no shit). After two intercom calls the butcher shows up dazzled and with blood on his hands. He walks into the booth and they decide to put a chair over the suspect to hold him down and calm him. All hell broke loose and the chair went flying into the air. I paid and got outa there. The flank steak was tough as shoes.

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