Monday, November 15, 2010

what's the canadian equivalent? buy a truck get a free beaver tail?

a car dealership in florida is engaging in basically the smartest and most awesome advertising ploy of all time.

buy a truck, get a free AK-47!!!

nick ginetta, the owner of the dealership, said he came up with the idea in honour of veterans day.

he says he's giving away the assault rifle “to honour all the sacrifices that the veterans gave to this country, which give us the right to own weapons in this country.”

yes, because i'm sure 9/10 veterans would agree that the right to own weapons was exactly what they fought for.

actually, the right to bear arms in the united states was the second amendment to the united states constitution and bill of rights, it was adopted in 1791. i'm not sure i could name a war that was fought for the right to bear arms after 1791 but i'm no history scholar.

because it's not enough just to have the right to bear arms, you have to exercise your right and get as many guns as possible of varying types. use it or lose it!

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