Sunday, November 14, 2010

it's like bringing sexy back, but with the devil.

so roman catholic priests in the states attended a conference this weekend all about the joys of exorcism-- a practise that some in the church are pushing to have a comeback, kind of like fanny packs.

you can read the post about that here. "this is why religion is fucked"

for years, countless damaging stories have flown around about sexual abuse in the church so it's no surprise that these priests are trying to bring exorcism back.

like this story today from the toronto star about the huge problem of not only abuse in the church, but the powerful of the church covering the abuse up.

see, if the church can bring exorcism back they won't have to deal with children and adults who say they were /are being abused by their trusted priests. the church will no longer have to deal with the courageous individuals who dare to come forward, defying their faith and often their community, because they can just exorcise those little devils right OUT of them!!

i mean consider this: if 40 years ago your kid was acting insane because they were being abused by your priest but you didn't know why they were acting insane. if exorcism had been more popular and "acceptable", your priest could have just insisted that your child was possessed by the DEVIL. that would take care of that tricky, sexually abused child always causing trouble!

if powerful figures in the church were willing to cover up abuse they knew about, there would have been no problem approving exorcisms to help cover them up.

but, we all know the church is slow moving so it makes sense that they're only now jumping on the exorcism bandwagon.

maybe now they'll finally get around to exorcising all of the witches that wriggled out of their grasp during the great burnings!!

too little, too late weirdos.

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