Friday, November 12, 2010

donate to the real news network!

i went to a great event last night at beit zatoun-- a fundraiser/talk by lia tarachansky, the middle east correspondent for the real news network.

the real news network is currently fundraising to send lia back to the middle east as well as raise enough funds to hire a palestinian journalist.

lia showed a few videos and discussed her position as a correspondent reporting on the israeli/palestine conflict as an israeli. lia's reports were amazing and she's a great speaker--the audience was really engaged and there was some really thoughtful discussion.

the report that i found most interesting was a report on the gaza flotilla attacks--lia was in israel when the attacks took place and she said that she didn't know why everyone was so surprised because the israeli media had been reporting about how the attacks would go down weeks before they took place.

that report is here:

More at The Real News

so the whole point of her talk was to show how necessary actual news reporting is and to get donations, so go here and donate--you can specifiy which sector you want your donation to support-- if they raise enough money they can send lia back to do more reporting AND add another reporter to the mix!


also, if you haven't been to beit zatoun yet, you should go--it's great.

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