Monday, November 22, 2010

why would anyone flag this?

this is the greatest craigslist ad i have seen in a really long time. i have a feeling that you might not think it's as funny unless you've had an epic gaming session so intense that the only thing you can do while playing is go get a coffee crisp bars from the freezer, stuff it in your mouth, and toss the empty wrapper onto the pile with the others.

"we will probably have a great time." yeah, you probably would actually. it's like how my sister has a great time while my brother and i play games and we force her to sit on the couch and watch us. sometimes she'll fall asleep or try to "leave" and she gets a gentle reminder that she is having FUN. game time is family time, when we're questing we need positive reinforcement from her. she gets that.

this guy is just trying to fill the gap that having no siblings has left in his life!

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