Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"they think we murder piglets"

i read the best story in the toronto star today. there's this website called "The Cheeky" and they make cheeky items.

they make things like big stickers to put on your suitcase so that it looks like you're carrying around a dead body, towels with stick figure genitals on them, and teabagging tea bags.

a little while ago they posted a new item -- a real piggy bank. the bank is made from what was once a live piglet that died of natural causes, was taxidermied, and made into a piggy bank.

well after seeing this new item, the winnipeg humane society got all up in arms about it. aileen white of the humane society went so far as to call it "callous and insensitive," a "trivialization of what was once a living being."

i guess some people didn't get the "cheeky" memo.

the creator of the piglet bank, colin hart, has been receiving hate emails(because we all know the best way to express your opinion about something is to threaten and demean someon via electronic mail) about the piglet bank and can't really understand why because the item was meant to be a joke: the website has it listed as costing $4000.00, taking 12 months to ship, and the photo of the piglet bank is a photoshopped image of a live piglet. they haven't made a single piggy bank and they don't intend to.

the winnipeg humane society's website has a call for action posted for this piggy bank, stating that "while animals are routinely killed for their meat and hides, this is a particularly callous and demeaning exploitation of a baby animal's dead body." so it's okay to kill and eat ADULT animals but it's not okay to taxidermy the corpse of a piglet that died naturally? that makes no sense to me. animals that are in the meat/hide system live horrible lives and die horrible and inhumane deaths, if the humane society is really concerned about "demeaning" animals are they all vegetarians? do they have a call of action on their website to stop the "callous" and insensitive factory farming system?

does the winnipeg humane society have a blanket anti-taxidermy policy? because people kill then pay to have animals stuffed every day.

anyways, this whole commotion made me think of a great christmas gift, the rob ford bank:

the perfect gift for anyone who needs somewhere to stow their spare gravy train change.

obviously due to the nature of the bank this is a one of a kind item and will be verrrryyyy expensive. and the person who purchases this item will have to wait for rob ford to die of natural causes before his body can be turned into a change bank. also, rob ford would have to consent(in writing) to the procedure before he died. but it's a real thing! we're selling it! act now while supplies last!

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