Sunday, November 21, 2010

because we all need more receptacles for fruit and plants.

i saw these on design milk today:

they're called cocoon and they were designed by a swedish student,Måns Salomonsen, at university stenebyskolan.

the top of the cocoon holds plants and herbs and the underneath holds vegetables or whatever else.

Måns describes his the entire process of creating these two pieces on the website.

in his description he includes his first sketches of what he wanted to create, which are just as great as the actual pieces themselves.

the sketches look like the greatest dr Seuss town of all time:

another great thing on design milk today --air plant tiles! air plants are pretty and unique, but they don't root in soil--instead they grow on other plants, buildings, etc. this design by pigeon toe ceramics solves the problem of air plants. i don't really know how well this would do inside a home--on a wall-- but it would be pretty neat in gardens or outdoor spaces.

also, it's getting cold and winter is much more imminent and one of the best parts about winter is spending ten million hours on the internet looking up things for summer.

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