Thursday, November 4, 2010

but i don't even believe in the KKK!!!!!

it's old news now that two idiots in ontario went dressed as a KKK member and a black dude for halloween.

it's not old news that one of the idiots was a fucking former COP.

here is the problem with cops encapsulated in one news story: they didn't THINK about what they were doing.

they didn't consider how their actions(or costumes) would affect other people. they didn't have an inkling that people might be offended by the blackface or the KKK costume.

the wife of the KKK costumer said she didn't think about it either:

"It was just a last-minute 'Well, what am I going to wear? There's a bedsheet. Well I'm not going as a ghost.""

oh no, of course you can't go as a GHOST. how embarassing! what a silly costume! a white sheet draped over your head like some silly cartoon character?

so naturally they
"rolled" up a piece of bristol board they just had lying "that was his costume."

i mean, obviously. you can't expect the man to go dressed as some silly ghost when a perfectly good KKK costume is just sitting there, along with a confederate flag they just "happened" have as well.

the pair of men "might" apologize to the black person who complained about them winning the best prize competition that night.

the most pathetic thing about this entire ordeal is that instead of just being like "shit, that was racist and we didn't realize it, we will LEARN from this error in judgement" these guys are all "waaahhh, we didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, we're not racists ever, for real guys!!"

just own up to your mistake white guys. or, even better, don't just own up to your mistake--actually DO learn something from it.

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