Tuesday, November 2, 2010

take a look at that HAIR!

sarah palin has really outdone herself here.. that is some BIG hair. bitch is really bringing the beehive back.

if you've ever been to america you'll know that hair is bigger there than it is in canada. it just is. you walk through an airport and those ladies have their hair standing tall and proud--i don't know how they manage to do it(especially the short haired ladies), but they do. it's an american secret i guess.

when i was working as a server at a restaurant frequented by a lot of tourists i could always spot the americans because the lady american always had this tower of hair. at first it was a running joke to spot the americans by their hair, but soon we all realized that it worked, when we joked about who was american it generally turned out to be true.

sarah palin has always rocked this hair so i wonder if maybe it's particular to the "conservative" demographic? or maybe a lady with a tower of hair looks more trustworthy?

it's a mystery. maybe sarah palin's crazy just doesn't fit into regular hair.

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