Monday, November 15, 2010

rock climbing is hard!

i don't have cable and i only very recently discovered that i get cbc on my television but good god did i wish that i had cable this week.

why? well because this sunday was the premiere of a new reality television show.

sarah palin's alaska.

i LOVE sarah palin. i think that she is the most entertaining politician ever and each time she opens her mouth a comic gem falls out.

that's why i'm sad that i missed the premiere. luckily for me gawker has featured the "five most ridiculous moments" from the premiere!

my favorite video is the clip where she talks about her husband building a fourteen foot fence around her lakefront property so that her author neighbor can't watch her, she goes on to say that the fence they've built is a good example of what should be done to protect the "nation's" border. this is smart of her, because we all know that mexicans MAY be able to run but they can't climb fences.

also at one point she gets angry at her daughter for going upstairs with a boy. i think that's just smart of sarah palin, haven't her daughters already had a million babies while they were underage? at least sarah palin knows they weren't conceived in her daughters own beds.

i hope this show has ten seasons.

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