Friday, August 28, 2009

the most dangerous game...

the other day at a republican rally in twin falls, rex rammell a possible candidate for the governor's office, joked about hunting the president.

idaho organizes a wolf hunt every year but to participate you have to purchase a wolf tag, which costs $11.50. when someone in the crowd shouted a question about "obama tags" rammell went with it and said that sure they'll buy obama tags!

this is such a funny joke!! good one rex rammell!!

what could be funnier than hunting the president?

hunting a BLACK president, that's what!

since it was a joke, rammell doesn't think he needs to apologize. you know, jokes don't actually cause any real harm. i mean, why should he have to apologize for egging on a crazy republican rally goer shouting about hunting the president?

those republicans, they just get funnier and funnier every day.

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