Thursday, December 3, 2009

if this is true, heaven really sucks.

cardinal javier lozano barragan, a leading roman catholic cardinal, said on wednesday that "homosexuals and transsexuals will never enter the kindgdom of heaven" because they are an "insult to god."

apparently saint paul says this in the bible. except that in the bible the term homosexual and transsexual isn't ever used, so i guess it's just an interpretation of what saint paul said. modernized version, if you will.

he went on to say that people aren't born gay but become so for different reasons like "education issues or because they did not develop their own identity during adolescence." Also, while it might not "be their fault" they are still "acting against nature and the dignity of the human body" which is an insult to god.

he also said that while the church hates homos, this doesn't justify "discrimination" against gay and trans people.

right, because when one of the leading figures of your faith says something hateful you can just ignore it and treat everyone equally.

this is what i hate about the roman catholic church, or any organized religion really. they say these horrible things about sexual orientation, sexuality, birth control, women, whatever and then they backpedal and say "wait wait.. that's what GOD says-- we're not judging."

so they plant the seeds of hatred and bigotry into their follower's brains and hearts and abdicate any responsibility for the consequences.

i'm sure there are some catholics who feel that homosexuality is a sin but don't actively discriminate, but i just don't think it's fair for the church to do shit like this when they very well know that people are crazy and have been known to kill people who "sin against god."

maybe be more responsible, crazy cardinal, because whether or not they like to admit it people who espouse hatred always have blood on their hands.

plus, if heaven is going to be filled with gross old dudes like this one, i'd rather be in the awesomer place where they banish the "homosexuals and transsexuals."

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