Thursday, December 10, 2009

fired?? they should both get a promotion!

today i read a story in the new york daily about two high school teachers being suspended after they got caught getting it on in a classroom.

two LADY teachers!


apparently the two teachers had a little spare time while their students were at an assembly or something, so they got naked and did what teachers do.

the only problem was that the janitor was prowling around and busted them, then TOLD on them.

i bet you one million dollars the janitor only told on them after they told the janitor that he couldn't join them.

honestly, i don't see what the big deal is.
they weren't doing it with students and i'm sure this is every high schooler's fantasy, so the school should just let it go.

i think as a protest against rolling back gay-friendly curriculum in schools and the worsening hostility against queer educators all teachers should just start getting it on like this. like, if they can't get married in the states, can't teach inclusive sex ed, have to hide their sexuality, etc.. they might as well have fun at the taxpayer's expense right?

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