Wednesday, December 2, 2009

dear scummy landlords: do your jobs, or else.

if you rent, which the majority of people do, you've probably at one time or another had a question about your apartment or your landlord that you couldn't find the answer to.

is your landlord allowed to do this, do they have to fix that, can they charge you for such and such.
renting an apartment can be extremely annoying and tense if you have a shitty landlord and if you don't know your rights.

so the other day, when i was googling a question about my apartment, i found this website:

the federation of metro tenants' association

pretty much it's the best tenant resource i have ever found, and i'm really surprised i hadn't found it earlier.

the best part about the association is that they have a tenant hotline that runs from monday-friday 8:30am-6pm


i called yesterday and the person on the line had an answer to my question and it was awesome.

they let me know that i can also call the city of toronto municipal licensing and standards division if my landlord is not responsive and they'll come do an inspection to make sure everything is up to code, because sometimes you end up in an apartment that is only divided from your neighbour by a sheet of drywall, and that just isn't right.

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Toronto Tenants Association said...

I actually over the years have found their advice to not be all that good and they have lobbied for fees and taxes against tenants in return for increased city funding.

They care more about what is good for city politicians than what is good for tenants.

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