Saturday, December 19, 2009

people are nice. really nice.

so we wrote about how the toronto women's bookstore is in a seriously shitty situation--they might have to close!

so everyone should shop there and donate money to them, to save them---that was the general idea of the post.

two amazing people have donated items to auction off and the proceeds will go to the toronto women's bookstore.

the items are in this event:

the first item is a painting, donated by maria sergio: "roughly 45" x 21" oil on reclaimed table leaf (wood). would do well as a table again if covered with glass, or could be mounted to the wall with some brackets"

the second item for auction is a coffee package donated by java mama which includes:

2 lattes and 2 treats
2 1/2 pound bags of custom roasted coffee-your choice
1/2 pound of espresso colombian fair trade

java mama is located at1075 bathurst(at dupont) and has their own facebook group HERE.
they roast beans daily on site, sell fair trade coffee in bulk, sell baking supplies/collectibles/crafts, and rent their space for community functions.

or you can just donate directly to the TWB here:

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