Thursday, December 10, 2009

i hope one of these dudes wasn't your dad.

eleven people were arrested in a downtown health spa in toronto on wednesday.

apparently the owner is facing charges for keeping a bawdy house and the employees are being charged for working in a bawdy house.

so the employees and the owner are being charged, i guess they didn't find any customers in there procuring the services a bawdy house has to offer, because if they had they would have arrested them too right??

wrong. according to the toronto to star, when the officers entered the spa they found "four embarassed, contrite, and sheepish middle-aged men."

sheepish and contrite because they were clearly getting some kind of rub and tug deal. that's not legal right? being a john? right?

apparently it is, because the men aren't facing any charges and instead they will act as witnesses in court.

so it's only illegal to provide sexual services but not to pay for them?? i'm pretty sure that's not right. i can't believe that these guys get to testify in court against the people who probably handled their balls!! oh i'm sorry, i think it's actually called "exotic massage."

wrong on so many levels.

dear toronto police: don't criminalize people who are doing their jobs if you aren't also going to criminalize the fuckers who are on the receiving end.

maybe they haven't ever heard of supply and demand?

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