Wednesday, December 16, 2009

enjoy your cursed bike, thief!!!!!

yesterday i was just sitting around, minding my own business, when some asshole walked into my backyard and rode away with my bike.

i actually saw this person ride away. i thought that it was my neighbour riding her bike through the yard until i realized "hey, my neighbour is a lady" and also "hey, that's MY bike."

the bike thief also got away with my lock, which was conveniently wrapped around the frame of the bike, and a rear light.

the jerk was wearing one of those ski coats from the nineties in neon blue and purple and also wearing some kind of white hat.

i gave chase but bikes are faster than legs and the bike thief got away.

so, if you happen to be wandering around the city of toronto and you see a blue and white simpsons-sears 3 speed cruiser(like the one in the picture below), with a black bike guard lock wrapped under the seat, it might be mine.

the bike also has a blue and white spring seat, not a black one like the one in the picture. the lady who i purchased the bike from gave me the nicer, vintage seat to replace the ugly black one in the picture.

last time i used the bike it was raining, so it might still have a lovely green shopping bag wrapped around the seat.

i'm sure i'll never see it again, but who knows.

also, the person who stole it should probably know that it's cursed. the first night i rode it i was hit by a car which leads me to believe that they will most certainly be hit by a car as well. they should probably return my bike before that happens.

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Anonymous said...

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