Wednesday, August 19, 2009


when did nationalizing health care become the same as perpetruating a holocaust???

i'm not really entirely sure where the nazi reference keeps coming from, but these fucking crazy idiots in the states are alllll over it.

apparently, obama is a nazi, and according to the nutball in the first video all jews should be against him(apparently, all jews should also be heckled by crazy ladies wearing israeli defense forces t shirts).

where is the logic? has the world gone mad?

at least barney frank is setting some crazy bitches straight:

the thing i really like about this stuff and the town hall meetings, is that its basically forcing the wacky freakshows who think this shit to come out and say it in public.

they can't resist the urge, and when they scream nazi or make other fantastical accusations they get taken to task for it and ridiculed for thinking such foolish things based in an alternate reality that seems to exist only in their weird collective unconscious.

i hope the health care reforms go through and all of these people just spontaneously implode upon hearing the news.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WTF indeed.

I love the crying motion the one woman makes in the first video.

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