Thursday, August 20, 2009

does michelle obama have the right to punch these people in the face?

what the fuck shit fucking shit damn is this!?!?!?!

i saw this on huffington post today and i was extremely, extremely confused.
i thought it was just a fashion poll, like, oh how does michelle obama look in shorts? good? bad? better than you?

why the hell is it phrased like this: "does michelle obama have the right to bare legs?"

um, of course she does. not because "it's so modern" but because they're her own legs!! like, who cares what she wears?!

16% of people think it's inappropriate for the first lady to wear shorts. why? why does anyone look at these pictures and think to themselves "well that is just completely inappropriate of her, to wear those shorts that expose her legs!"

and as for the 24% of people who voted that she should wear "longer" shorts next time: you are idiots. IDIOTS. look at this woman!! she's walking her dog in the summer, what do you want her to wear, a 50's housewife cocktail dress?!

it's 2009. we live in a time when formality is kind of taking a backseat to other things, like you know, important things. for instance, in 2009 i go to my university job in a dirty t shirt and ripped jeans, and you know what? it doesn't matter what you wear!!

michelle obama should start doing really outrageous things like wearing S&M gear. i think the next picture of her coming out of air force one should maybe include some form of whip or zippered mask.

and then the poll can read: "does michelle obama have the right to keep the zipper on her mask open?"

and hopefully most people will respond: "absolutely! it's so modern!"

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