Monday, August 17, 2009

fireballs, spaceships, and david duchovny? please bring that on.

apparently britain's national archives released the government's complete file on the "rendlesham forest incident" of 1980, which is one of britain's
most famous ufo sightings.

i grew up watching the x-files with my mother, so i find this exciting. but i also find it interesting that the government had this secret 4,000 page document that contained details of 800 alleged encounters during the 80s and 90s. like, why all the secrecy? doesn't that just make it look suspicious?

why keep it secret when some of the files look like this:

i feel that usually these kinds of things have more to do with top secret army projects etc, but it's still kind of fun to read through this junk. also, alot of the incidents were reported the year independence day came out which was also the same year that the xfiles was most popular in britain.

also, i went to the international ufo museum last year in new mexico, so clearly this kind of junk is my bag.

it makes for interesting end-of-summer reading at least!

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